All the questions you wanted to ask about Wanton, the answers are all right here!

Why is our pork belly so fatty?

Find us a skinny pig and we’ll make you a pork belly that is lean.

Do we really sell wonton noodles?

We sell Wanton Noodles.

Can I make a lunch reservation?

That is impossible, even if you are a celebrity or related by blood to us.

What kind of food does Wanton sell?

Delicious traditional cuisine with a twist that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Why is there so little table seating?

Aim small, miss small.

Why is your scotch egg call Batalong Egg?

Because we are not Scottish, but we sure love a good scotch.

What's the recommended time to visit Wanton?

When you are hungry and we are open, it’s Wanton Time.

Why is your Baby Kailan called Gangster Baby Kailan

Look across the counter, should be pretty damn obvious.

Can I hold my birthday, wedding anniversary, solemnization or (insert event) at Wanton?

Don’t ask,  never know – Email us at shiok@wantonsg.com with the subject title Event.

Are there any vegetarian options?

Are there meat options in vegetarian restaurants?

Does sake pair well with wantons?

No, but wanton pair well with sake.