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About Us

WANTON is a noodle bar on Amoy Street that serves time-perfected wanton noodles.

Hailing from the famous Seng’s Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre, Seng’s has been serving their famous noodles to generations of loyal customers since 1968. We believe that a humble bowl of noodles when crafted with pride can stand up to today’s ever-fickle trends. Every bowl comes filled with the assurance of comfort and satisfaction, all perfected through decades of hard work and artistry. Every strand signals generations of altruism with a hint of defiance on the side. WANTON makes noodles for the people.

Childhood friends Brandon Teo, Executive Chef of The Establishment Group, and Benson Ng, professional noodle flipper, entrepreneur and new owner of Seng’s, combine their entrepreneurial and culinary visions to complement the modus operandi of the unique business.

“Both Brandon and myself grew up eating Seng’s wanton noodles, and are honoured to be working with such a pivotal part of Singapore’s culinary history. We are excited to represent a new wave of the “wanton generation”, enhancing people’s experience with our personal twist to the local favourite”, says Benson.

In collaboration with The Establishment Group, WANTON is a brand new noodle bar on Amoy Street. Amalgamating the familiar hawker traditions with today’s epicurean standards, we proudly offer the original Seng’s Wanton Mee in a completely modern attitude. Expect nothing less, even Ah Seng himself would be proud.

The night menu sees a deconstruction of the noodles – ingredients are enhanced and imbued with a modern twist. Pick from a range of addictive sides such as Roasted Spanish Pork Belly, our version of Scotch Eggs we call Batalong, and even seasonal fresh greens. With an endless flow of hearty broth and Seng’s infamous chilli at your disposal, you control your indulgence.

The space boasts a cosy, casual open bar that comfortably sits 28. A true respite for any individual who deserves one at the end of a day’s hard work. For the tipple-ready crowd, we have curated a complementary selection of beverages, featuring signature cocktails and craft beers.

For the over-thinkers and the underachievers, WANTON is made for you.